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Automotive water pumpIf you’re looking for a qualified facility to service your BMW water pump in the Sebastopol area, turn to Bavarian Tuning, conveniently located in nearby Santa Rosa. Owner Billy Maher’s long experience working with BMWs (over 45 years!) is unrivaled in the area, and he is also certified as a Master BMW Technician. Since Bavarian Tuning opened in 2003, we’ve built a reputation for excellence as the best BMW specialist shop for many miles around. Our professional BMW technicians log extensive hours of continuing education in all areas of BMW service, which they use to quickly diagnose and repair anything that may be going wrong with your vehicle.

BMW Service you can Trust

Over time, even quality BMW parts will succumb to wear and tear, and a water pump typically lasts between 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Your vehicle’s water pump is a critical part of your car’s engine, and if your BMW water pump is showing signs of trouble it’s best to bring it into our Sebastopol-area repair facility as soon as possible. Your car’s engine may experience serious damage if water pumps and radiator hoses aren’t replaced as necessary: they

Squeaking coming from your water pump, or coolant leaking onto the ground under your car are both indications of a problem. You may also see coolant leaking from the water pump weep hole if you check under the hood. If you experience any of those issues, you should bring your vehicle in for service at Bavarian Tuning right away, so a trained BMW specialist can evaluate the situation and determine what repairs are needed. If the problem is handled quickly, we’ll be able to prevent further damage to the cooling system and the engine.

If your BMW water pump is in need of service in the Sebastopol area, give us a call at Bavarian Tuning to make a service appointment. We take pride in serving all customers with a friendly and professional manner, along with providing excellent quality service for every vehicle that enters our BMW service center. Your BMW deserves care from the professional service providers who know BMW best: Bavarian Tuning. If your vehicle needs a tune up, brake service, tires, Bavarian Tuning can help!

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