BMW Tuning Santa Rosa

BMW Tuning Santa RosaWe offer superior BMW tuning for Santa Rosa drivers. We are Bavarian Tuning, Inc. and BMW’s are our lifeblood. They are literally all we work on. Every BMW mechanic here brings years of specialized knowledge to the shop. This leaves us in the unique position to provide you with the very best BMW service around.

Over half a century; that’s what our combined years of experience add up to. And we use every ounce of it to ensure that your Bimmer gets the proper treatment it deserves. We see BMW tuning in Santa Rosa as an opportunity for us to enhance your vehicle. More than just changing oil and rotating tires, we put real time and effort into each car we work on. Every BMW mechanic that wears our uniform carries a sense of pride and craftsmanship that gets channeled into their work. Servicing these vehicles is a passion for us and commands our respect.

Whether you need a simple BMW tuning for your Santa Rosa family sedan or require some serious performance for the racetrack, we have the parts and services to abide. Oil service. Coolant change. Brakes. Boom. Done. Next. Looking for custom exhaust, suspension modification or software upgrades? Why didn’t you say so? We hold ourselves to the highest standards when we work; we expect the very same from the parts we use. That’s why we are an exclusive dealer for Dinan high-performance parts and accessories. Your BMW is an incredible machine and should be treated as such.

Bavarian Tuning is the last BMW tune up shop you will ever need. Our professionalism, friendly customer service and quality results will keep you coming back. Bring your vehicle to the closest shop that knows Bimmers the best. Bring it to Bavarian Tuning.

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