BMW Tune Up Santa Rosa

BMW Tune Up Santa RosaImprove your driving experience with a BMW tune up in Santa Rosa. Bavarian Tuning, Inc. can do that for you (it’s literally our namesake). We work solely on BMW’s. Doing so has given us some very specialized knowledge. As a result, our BMW service is second to none. We know you’ll be more than satisfied with the work we provide. Stop in today and let us prove it to you.

Every BMW mechanic that works here has the same thought: Bavarian Motor Works makes the best vehicles, period. It is that very thinking that got this shop created in the first place, back in 2003. Certified Master BMW Technician, Billy Maher, decided to take his 34 years of factory training and motorsport experience and channel it into his very own BMW service shop. And the rest is history. We have experienced tremendous success over the years and our reputation continues to spread. We have even earned the accolade of Diamond Certified. But all of this hype is not what we’re after. We are committed to making your BMW run at its very best, based on your requirements and budget.

What started as a simple BMW shop in Santa Rosa quickly grew into something more. Along with oil and coolant changes, brake service and tires, we also do custom exhaust, software upgrades, air intakes, modifications and more. We even offer racing and driving school preparation and consultation. So from soccer moms to motorsport enthusiasts and everyone in between, we have the parts and the know-how to keep your vehicle inline with your needs.

Bavarian Tuning offers the absolute best BMW tune up in Santa Rosa and beyond. Our decades of experience and professional results, coupled with our warm customer service, will have you and your Bimmer riding high. Happy driving.

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